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Starving Student: The cultural significance of taco trucks
Article Launched: 03/12/2008 01:01:46 AM PDT

It’s nice to eat with people whose lunch cost less than $5.

Poor people make the world go round, and seem to have a much better understanding of the human condition than people who regularly eat at places like Nature’s Own. They also give better advice and have a better sense of humor than non-poor folks, because the best humor, like blues music, is derived from suffering and indignity.

It is not a secret that the highest-income earners in Chico are white people. So let’s go ahead and stop trying to pretend I’m being racist. Everyone is racist. And every journalist is biased.

If you do not agree with the previous two statements, you probably understand the world much differently than I do, and will find this column at least partially offensive.
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