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Red Bluff to review first new proposed taco truck

Posted by Cyrus Farivar on October 27, 2009

According to the Red Bluff Daily News, this northern California town of 13,000 people is finally allowing its first new taco truck since the town banned them nearly a decade ago.

As we reported earlier this year, the town has not allowed any taco trucks since 2000, except for one that was grandfathered in.

This afternoon, the Red Bluff Planning Commission will meet today to consider the first new application since the May decision allowing for new trucks under certain conditions, like not being parked in parking spaces, being at least 12 feet from buildings and property lines, having at least two off-street parking spaces, not operating on private property, and not being closer than 300 feet from another vendor, among other requirements.

Carmen Gutierrez is applying for the as-yet-unnamed truck at 8 Sutter St., next to the Valero gas station. She has proposed an 8 am to 8 pm Monday-Saturday operating schedule and has received permission from the gas station to operate.

The meeting will take place at the Red Bluff City Council chambers at 555 Washington Street in Red Bluff at 5:15 pm this afternoon.

Update: The Red Bluff Planning Commission recommended the truck to the City Council, which will take up the matter at a forthcoming meeting.

New taco truck laws under consideration in Red Bluff

Posted by Cyrus Farivar on February 25, 2009

The small town of Red Bluff, Calif., between Redding and Chico along I-5, is considering letting taco trucks back within the city limits.

According to the Red Bluff Daily News:

A 2000 city ordinance banned mobile food vendors within the city, but a pair of taco trucks had continued to operate until the summer because the FBI had asked city officials to allow them to continue their operations because of a federal investigation into a methamphetamine and money laundering ring.

A third taco truck has operated legally within the city since before 2000 and has been grandfathered in. The city received a number of requests from entrepreneurs hoping to move their mobile businesses after the drug busts, which prompted the council to review the 2000 ordinance.

The new proposed ordinance would allow taco trucks back into the city limits, provided that they comply with several conditions.

The two that give me pause are the ones that say “Vendors must provide at least three off street parking spaces.” and that “Mobile units must be no closer than 800 feet from each other.”

I’m not sure if those provisions could potentially be in violation of California Vehicle Code 22455, which stipulates that cities only may regulate in the interest of “public safety.” I’ll check in with Phil Greenwald to see what he says.