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Des Moines Register: City chews over vendor restrictions

Posted by Cyrus Farivar on March 8, 2008

Taco trucks in Iowa? Seriously? I’m astonished at how much I don’t know about the geographic diversity of taco trucks is our country.

Des Moines Register:

City Council members on Monday will cast the second of three votes on a requirement that all so-called “transient merchants” buy permits. Twelve vendors had permits last year; at least three times that number are in business. Those with leases of a year or longer do not require permits, which is what Councilman Brian Meyer wants to change.

“The one thing that absolutely has to happen is that everybody gets a permit, which is what we’re moving forward on,” Meyer said. “Everything else is negotiable.”

City officials have temporarily dropped the idea of higher permit fees and limits on the number of days a vendor can be in one location, whether it’s to sell food, tennis shoes or tie-dyed flags.

Critics said the tougher rules would put an unfair burden on legitimate businesses that barely eke out a profit. Others suggested that the proposals reflect racism against Hispanic entrepreneurs.