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First off, my apologies for the lack of posting these last couple weeks. Been busy with other work, mainly my book project, and the usual freelancing.

Also, my interviews with David LeBeouf and Philip Greenwald haven’t happened yet — we kept playing phone and email tag, but I’m going to stay on them and try to get an interview up on the site.

Anyway, onto the news, this time, from Patterson, Calif.

The Modesto Bee:

Council members unanimously supported a new mobile food vendor ordinance, which limits sales to paved surfaces, requires vendors to provide on-site parking, and limits trucks’ hours to 8 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday and until 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

Mayor Becky Campos disliked a portion of the ordinance that requires new food vendors to buy a $1,140 conditional-use permit.

“It seems a little bit elevated,” she said.

City staff said it would reconsider that fee, and bring it back to the council.

Juan Daniel Virgen, who represented the group by summarizing their concerns to the council, called the decision a success.

Vendors who already have business licenses and have paid their fees won’t be affected by the new ordinance unless they move their business elsewhere in the city.

It comes more than a year after talk of regulation began.

Neighbors’ complaints that the trucks draw loud crowds late into the night to a dusty strip of land along railroad tracks along First Street ignited the issue.

Councilman Sam Cuellar, who brought the issue to the council, said he didn’t intend to hurt anyone’s business.

Vendors said they are just trying to make an honest living.

“Like everyone, I dream of living a little better, and of being somebody in life so my children could be proud of their parents and what they’ve accomplished,” Joaquin Pelayo said.