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Taco truck photo contest: Win a book!

Posted by Cyrus Farivar on October 28, 2009

First, I got some new photos to share from Lexica and Jeff from last weekend’s awesome taco truck tour of Fruitvale.

So, in the spirit of nomadic taco photography, I’m instituting a weeklong taco truck photo contest.

The prize?

A copy of this soon-to-be released book by Scott Wilson (of fame), Tacos: Authentic, Festive & Flavorful.

From old standby dishes to taco truck favorites to more ambitious varieties like the Hot Fudge Taco, this book contains something for every fan of a dish that’s both simple and soul-satisfying. Taco obsessive Scott Wilson includes such delights as Tacos de Cazuela (slow-cooked tacos served from the pot) and Sauteed and Fried Tacos. He explains the varieties of tortillas (and how to make them from scratch), along with meat and vegetarian options, appropriate salads, sides, salsas, and drinks and desserts. Includes 50 recipes and 25 color photographs.

To submit an entry, send me an email [cyrus] with “Taco truck photo contest” in the subject line and an original photo of something related to a taco truck in California.

It could be a photo of tacos bought at a truck, horchata being poured, taqueros, art — anything. There just needs to be a California taco truck in operation somewhere in the photo.

If you’re so inclined, feel free to upload to Flickr with the tag “taco truck photo contest,” and send me an email with the URL.

Please include your name, city, and the name and location of the taco truck that you shot.

1st prize – a copy of the above book
2nd and 3rd prize – $5, Paypaled to you by me to spend at the taco truck of your choice.

The photos will be judged by me.

Deadline: November 4, 2009, 12 pm Pacific Time

Good luck!