Fruitvale taco truck bike tour with Cyrus (Oct. 25, 2009)

Posted by Cyrus Farivar on October 19, 2009

Before it gets too rainy, I thought I’d take whoever would like to join me for a taco truck bike tour of my four favorite trucks in Fruitvale this Sunday:

When: Sunday, October 25, 2009
Meet: 12:30 pm, Lake Merritt BART station (9th and Oak St., Oakland).
Start: ~ 12:45 pm
End: ~ 3 pm ish, Fruitvale BART station

1) Tacos Sinaloa at 22nd Ave./International Blvd. (via 10th St., International Boulevard)
2) Tacos El Grullo at 26th Ave./International Blvd.
3) Mi Grullense at 30th Ave./International Blvd.
4) El Ojo de Agua at E. 12th St./Fruitvale Ave.
5) Nieves Cinco de Mayo (ice cream) at 3340 E 12th St.

When it’s all said and done, feel free to bike or BART home. Anyone is welcome to join up or leave at anytime, obviously.

Afterwards, I might even be up for a beer at The Trappist (8th/B’way, downtown Oakland).

Bring: bike, helmet, $10-$15 for tacos+ice cream, camera if you want to document the deliciousness

RSVP: Email me cfarivar [at] cfarivar [dot] org. Put “Fruitvale taco truck bike tour” in the subject line.

All are welcome!

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  3. Scott Wilson Said,

    Can’t wait to hear about the taco bike tour. My next tacos are going to be pig head tacos. My farmer friend just butchered 3 hogs and I scored a head. I’ll get some good shots and post a story soon. Meanwhile, enjoy los tacos y nieves. Buen provecho!


  4. larry mollin Said,

    Hi cyrus — wish i could make this tour but am in socal. are you from santa monica? if so – best to you from me and johnnie mollin. we follow the good trucks here on twitter. will be off in a second to the India Jones truck coming to our town. So far i have fallen in love with LOMO ARIGATO -peruvian-japanese street food and of course kogi.

  5. axe Said,

    This looks amazing! I’m so sad I’ll be out of town. Is there a newsletter i can join? This is so my spring destination…

  6. grouchosuave Said,

    Longtime ghetto crustacean, Oaklander pedalisto, taco truck dependent, and Fruitvale resident grouchosuave here. Love the truck scene and mi barrio getting their due and I love a beautiful street recital of our pedaling savooir faire, but…. – perhaps I’m too close to the subject – …but I got serious bones to pick with the itinerary and the truck selections.

    Certainly not a representation of the highlights available to us – by standards of either being enjoyably crazy or sites of distinct social scenes, or by any standard of appreciating any of the interesting characters working the trucks, and certainly not a sampling of distinct or exceptional camino culinaria.

    El Ojo de Agua is sporadically unsanitary and dangerous. Little hand washing goin on there and I and others have learned that the hard way…. plus it ha sall the ambience yiou’d expect of a deafening, carbon monoxide cloud of a parking lot under the BART tracks.

    El Nieve is at the epicenter of theBay Area’s filthiest, ugliest hooker stroll – a corner and stretch that specializes in the underaged in addition to the all too common desperate and poverty worn ranks. It ain’t no scene from ‘Belle du Jour’, my friends… plus every nook on the exterior of that bunker block building reeks of long accumulated street piss.

    I think I just might instigate a wildcat leg of the tour … take any free souls willing to come-with to a couple of cool spots and gems I hunted out and and have come to depend on.

    ‘Til then.

  7. Cyrus Farivar Said,

    El Ojo de Agua is sporadically unsanitary and dangerous? Dude, I’ve been going to this truck regularly for years and never once have I found it to be anything of the sort. I don’t go to trucks for ambience. I go for the tasty food. And their burritos are second to none.

    What are your favorite locations, praytell?

  8. Napalm Said,

    I’m also interested to hear grouchosuave’s picks.. Personally I am a fan of Tacos El Rey out of Berkeley right behind Berkeley Iron Works and Tacos Sinaloa is a great place as well.

  9. Lexica Said,

    Hey, Cyrus — Pirate and I just want to say what a great time we had. Tasty food, congenial people, perfect weather, and a fairly smooth ride (hey, it’s Oakland, there’s no such thing as totally smooth pavement). We are SO there for the next one (hint, hint).

  10. Pirate Said,

    An awesome day of tacos & biking (& beer for a few of us!) Abso-tively can’t wait until the next Critical Tacos!

    Also, here’s that link about the shrine to the Saint of Narco-Traffickers @ Tacos Sinaloa.


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