'The Great Food Truck Race' to debut Sunday, August 15

Posted by Cyrus Farivar on August 14, 2010

So yes, I’m a little behind on this one. And thank you to friends and family alike that have asked me: “Hey, have you heard? There’s going to be a food truck show on Food Network!”

Well, at least I posted in time for the premiere, which airs tomorrow night. Scope the trailer below.

Ok, I’ll bite. (Har.)

I haven’t seen the show yet, and will post my review of the first episode next week. But my gut reaction sort of breaks down into three ways.

1) “Yeah, food trucks!” I think it’s absolutely fantastic that these trucks, a few of which I interviewed on this here blog way back when, are now going to be on national television. (Grill ‘Em All, Nom Nom) Kudos, guys!

2) Everyone seems to think that this is new. And maybe it’s just the latest example of a good idea from one part of society getting appropriated and commercialized by another. I worry that in this hype over tweet-fueled trendiness, somehow the classic taco trucks that aren’t on Twitter and don’t come to flashy downtown art strolls, get pushed aside, when in fact many of those guys were there first, and def could use the exposure.

In an article previewing the show, The New York Times proclaimed: “We’re living in a food-truck moment. Thanks to a booming gastro-culture and an economy gone bust, America’s streets are filled as never before with high-quality meals on wheels.”

I’d speculate that there are already tons of high-quality meals on wheels. Heck, check out the Yum Tacos map. I’m sure the Grey Lady didn’t know that there’s taco trucks in Arkansas, Illinois and Idaho. (I sure didn’t.)

3) Do food trucks really need to be a reality show? Do I really need people put in situations where they’re yelling at each other, à la The Real World? I really loathe these type of shows with these sit-downs at the camera and people talking smack about one another.

That said, as I found myself drawn to this part of TV Squad‘s interview with Tyler Florence, the new host of the show:

So it really is a race for them? Who can get set up and selling in new places the fastest.

Absolutely. There’s an elimination challenge in every city. They got 72 hours to make the most money. We start each truck with a full tank of gas and a completely cleaned out pantry, and everyone gets the same amount of money, so everyone starts on a completely even playing field. They’ve got 72 hours to shop, prep, cook and compete for the dollars and the hearts and minds of the whole community.

In their hometown, they’re rockstars — they can literally just Twitter, “Hey I’m on the corner of whatever,” and 25 minutes later, there’s a line around the block. But in the new cities, they don’t know anybody, so they’re trying to figure out who’ll Twitter, who’s calling the paper, who’s calling the television station, who’s gonna let them know we’re out here. These guys really thought out of the box. It was amazing to watch them all step up to the plate and be strong, independent mobile companies.

No matter what, I’ll be watching.

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  2. Lifted Trucks Said,

    Sounds great, would love to watch this race……

  3. Class C rvs Said,

    ohh its great man, wanna watch this, its gonna be something very interesting….
    thanks for posting…

  4. Charli Langridge Said,

    This race is a must see. This will determine the team’s resourcefulness, teamwork, and patience

  5. Lisa Brookes Said,

    This post was summarized and linked on foodtruckcatering.com, if ever you would like to interview the staff behind the website broadcasting food trucks everywhere, email us at ftcateringusa@gmail.com.

  6. The Great Food Truck Race | Food Truck Catering Said,

    [...] The Great Food Truck Race is a show surrounding food truck life and has been viewed by many. The show is set up with a number of food trucks at the start with a full tank of gas, a clean kitchen area,  and the same amount of money to ensure a fair competition. The trucks are given 72 hours to prepare their food before departure. In the various cities the food trucks go, the struggle is getting people to come to their food truck. If the truck doesn’t know anyone in the city, they sometimes have to resort to news casts and radio to help customers locate them and with the fear of getting the least money and eliminated, getting your trucks name out there is a pressing matter. The show looks like a hit and the high tensions from show to show keep viewers locked in. All I know is I hope the show makes a stop in a city near me! [...]

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